How can I make sure my results are analyzed correctly?


  1. Make sure you start in the same pose as the Spotlight video

  2. Avoid mirrors in the video

  3. Reduce as much clutter in the video as possible

  4. Only one person should be in your video (future released will support multiple dancers)

  5. After you hit the record button, you will see a 3...2...1 countdown. Try to be in the correct starting pose before the recording starts.

  6. Trim your video to have it match the start and end of the Spotlight video.

  7. Make sure you are doing the same side as the dancer in the Spotlight video. We will add a left and right side for each move in a future release.


Can I download the app?


Not at the moment. Currently you can use Spotlight as a web app. We will release a full mobile app in the near future, so join our mailing list to keep up to date.


Does the web app work with a tablet?


Currently we support PCs and mobile phones but not tablets. We are planning to add this capability in the future.


Can I share my videos and scores?


You can share by downloading the video onto your phone or PC. You can then choose to share however you wish. We do not currently support in-app sharing but plan to add that in a future release. On your mobile phone, you can find the download in your Files --> Download folder.

I clicked the Analyze button but nothing happened?


We are working to optimize the performance of the FAME analysis. Depending on internet speeds it can take a while (all processing is done in the cloud).

If your move is very different from the Spotlight video there is a known feature that prevents the analysis. If you are having problems, feel free to email to get support.

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